Tumbleweed and Poppies started with the desire to do things differently, whether in our personal life, our working habits, or our way of consuming.

When I became a mum, everything changed. Suddenly I became aware of this world around me and what my daughter Romy would soon inherit. I felt the need to sink into this world, understand its essence, and make it better in my own way.

I have met people all around the world who have shared their family stories and taught me ancient ways of creating beautiful hand-crafted items. I see the beauty in these traditional methods and the value of handing this knowledge down from generation to generation. It is such an art-form and I believe we must preserve these methods before they are lost forever. 

I have learned the ancient arts of hand-block printing and natural dying of quality fabrics, in India, in Morocco, in places I travelled with my eyes and heart wide open. It is this way of living that has inspired me to start Tumbleweed and Poppies and to share these ways with you.

Tumbleweed and Poppies is about that feeling you had the last time you went traveling.

What if we could keep living this slow life all year long? Consuming better, making choices that positively impact the environment and the people within it, being more connected to our emotions.

We invite you to slow down, and follow us on a softer path. A path respectful to our planet, our wonderful team of trusted partners around the world, and last but not least, to you as a consumer through fair prices and beautiful quality.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with us, Aurelie. xxx